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It is the policy of Sentry Self Storage, LLC to hire only U.S. Citizens and Aliens authorized to work in the United States. Employment is conditional upon the presentation of identification, and authorization to work documents and certification of employment eligibility, as required by the immigration and Naturalization Service


Reference : List three persons not related to you (such as supervisors, clients, teacher/professors, etc) whom you've known for at least one year and who has first hand knowledge of your work experience and qualifications.

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THE FOLLOWING STATEMENTS ARE A PART OF THIS APPLICATION - Please read them carefully and sign below :

I understand that should I be employed by Sentry Self Storage, LLC, my employment is "at will". Employees are free to resign at any time just as the company is free to terminate my employment at any time. I understand that no representative of Sentry Self Storage, LLC other than the president of Management Supervisor is authorized to employ me on other than at "at will" basis.

I understand that should I be employed by Sentry Self Storage, LLC, I will be required, in accordance with the immigration Reform and Control Act of 1 98C, to provide, on my first day of employment, documents providing proof of my identity and employment eligibility statues. I acknowledge that this verification is a condition of employment.

I understand that offers of employment are conditional on satisfactory results from a urine drug screening. I also understand that Sentry Self Storage, LLC has a comprehensive policy on Drugs and Alcohol in the workplace which includes mandatory post-accident injury drug screenings, and that my cooperation with and adherence to Sentry Self Storage, LLC's policies and procedures regarding substance abuse are conditions of my employment and/or continued employment with the company. I understand that Sentry Self Storage, LLC may discipline, discharge or deny employment to any individual who currently engages in the illegal use of drugs, or who's alcohol use impairs his/her job performance.

I also understand that in examining my qualifications, Sentry Self storage, LLC will conduct a background check report and that my signature below authorizes Sentry Self Storage, LLC to perform such inquiry. Credit verifications are done through EQUIFAX Credit Information Services. Pursuant to the Fair Credit reporting Act, I understand that I may request, in writing to learn the complete nature and scope of investigative consumer reports, if they are obtained. Unless disclosure is required by law, investigative reports that are obtained will not be disclosed and will remain confidential to Sentry Self Storage, LLC.

I authorize the investigation and verification of all information provided in this application including, but not limited to, verification of employment, credit history, education and reference checks. I further release all parties from liability of any damage that may result in furnishing such information. I hereby authorize Sentry Self Storage, LLC to make oral, written or computerized inquiries of the nature described above and authorize any company or person of whom such inquiry is made to respond to such inquiry.

I certify that all information provided by my herein and in my resume is true and complete. I understand that if, in the judgment of the company, there has been falsification, material misrepresentation, or omission of the facts called to herein or in my resume, that it will result in failure to be offered employment or immediate dismissal.

I have read this application and fully understand it.

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