Norman Schulman - President & Chief Executive Officer

Norman Schulman has spent over 25 years in the Self-Storage Industry. His career started with U-Haul in New York and then he relocated to Florida in 1991. He spent 7 years with U-Haul, where he specialized in Self Storage Operations and Moving Center Management. After obtaining his Florida Real Estate License, he joined Storage USA as District Manager and was quickly promoted to Regional V.P. for the southeast region.

Norman is an Entrepreneur at heart and ventured out on his own. In 1998 he formed Sentry Self-Storage and Self-Storage Security Solutions. Sentry Self-Storage is a full Management, Development, and Consulting Company. The Security Company was formed out of years of frustration in getting local security companies to understand the specialized products needed for the storage industry. His management philosophy for his storage facilities is simple: "offer the best product along with convenience and security, add to that 'State-Of-The-Art' management information systems and the best team of Storage Consultants, and you have a winning combination."

Norman Schulman
Lauren Schulman - Vice President of Operations

Lauren Schulman joined the Sentry Team in 2006 as a Storage Consultant. In 2008 she left for college but continued to work part-time, lending a helping hand whenever and wherever she could. In 2012, Lauren graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelors Degree in Biology. She then returned to South Florida and took a full time position as the Property Manager for our Federal Highway location.

After spending a short time at Federal Highway, Lauren transferred to the Coral Springs location, where she became an Area Manager, overseeing the operations of three South Florida Locations. In January of 2014, she was promoted to Administrative Assistant at the home office. Lauren currently holds a Florida Real Estate Sales License and is working on obtaining her CPM designation through the Institute of Real Estate Management. Lauren is a dedicated and hard working individual. She has a tremendous amount of professionalism and general knowledge of what it takes to be a part of Sentry Self Storage Management. We are proud to have her on the Sentry Self Storage Team.

Lauren Schulman

District Managers

Lissette Ramos - District Manager

In May 2009, Lissette Ramos joined the Sentry Self Storage Management team. Lissette carries over 20 years of experience in the self storage industry. She gained her management skills from Storage USA. Starting as an Assistant Manager, she quickly moved up the chain to Senior Property Manager and then Certified Trainer. Lissette left Storage USA to gain a higher experience and greater challenge. She joined Self Storage Depot, a newly built and renting up facility. Within 2 years, she was able to increase the property from 0% to 85% occupancy. After some time, she relocated to Orlando, Florida and joined U-Store-It as a Property Manager.

Joining Sentry Self Storage Management as a Property Manager, she has greatly improved the performance at a facility with her wealth of experience. Quickly, she climbed up the ranks to Senior Property Manager, and later Area Manager. Within a short time, she was promoted to District Manager. Lissette continues to excel at her position, motivating her team, and maintaining her strong work ethics.

Lissette Ramos
Rebecca Swanson - District Manager

Bio Coming Soon...

Rebecca Swanson


Susan Ries - Director of Human Resources

Susan Ries joined Sentry Self Storage in January 2001 with two years previous experience in the self storage industry as well as 14 years as a private business owner. Susan has demonstrated an intense interest in all aspects of the business and has quickly become a knowledgeable and valued team member. From Storage Consultant to Property Manager to Administrative Assistant and now Executive Administrator/ General Manager, she understands all aspects of the self storage business.

In her role of Executive Administrator/General Manager, Susan is responsible for the payroll and software management for Sentry Self Storage and oversees the internal operations within the entire company. When pressed with an issue, she will ensure it is followed up and resolved. Her limitless energy, work ethic, determination, honesty, and dedication are a combination that made her, and continues to make her a real asset to our management team. "I don’t want to get to the end of my life and find that I have just lived the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well."

Susan Ries


Helene Martel - Property Accountant

Helene Martel joined Sentry-Self Storage in November 2007 with 40+ years experience in Domestic & International accounting. Helene also has an abundance of experience in Import/Export as well as Customs Documentation. Helene is fluent in both French/English languages also being a people person she is an additional asset to the Sentry Organization.

Helene brings to Sentry not only the Bi-Lingual asset but a confidence in her organizational skills, and the adaptability to new learning situations and the assurance to help in any situation that requires immediate assistance; she will be a tremendous asset to Sentry-Self Storage and its affiliates.

Helene's philosophy is: "Life makes you smarter... Living makes you wiser"

Helene Martel

Information Technology

Michael Schulman - Chief Technology Officer

Michael Schulman joined the Sentry Self Storage team in June 2003 as a Storage Consultant. His responsibilities quickly multiplied after being promoted to the IT Specialist position in June 2006. Having used computer applications and an assortment of different operating systems for over 12 years, he quickly became successful at his new position. Michael is responsible for the web site as well as technical support for all the properties. He also asserts himself as the integrator of new technologies to help with Self Storage Management and Store Operations.

Michael's success does not stop in Self Storage. He graduated High School as a member of the National Technical Honor Society as well as having completed the Web Design Academy. Michael also obtained his Florida Real Estate Sales License and will be working on the CCIM designation. Michael is currently attending college with a focus on Real Estate Management and Technology.

Michael Schulman
Eric Kalman - Head IT Specialist

Eric Kalman joined Sentry Self Storage Management in January of 2011 as an IT Specialist. After graduating from High School, Eric went on to obtain his Associate of Arts Degree. While in High School, Eric was a member of DECA where he got his start at compiling Business Marketing plans. Later, he joined the Academy of Drafting and Design to further his Business Marketing education. He has over 10 years experience working with both computer software and computer hardware, through formal and informal education. Besides computer knowledge, Eric also has been educated in the fields of marketing, business, and communication design. His motivation and workmanship make him a valuable asset to the company. His quest for knowledge never ceases, and he continues to further his experience while working with the company.

Eric Kalman

Social Media

Danielle Rainey – Social Media Manager

Danielle joined Sentry Self Storage in July 2011 after many years working in Retail Customer Service. Starting out as a Storage Consultant, she quickly became a Property Manager in 2012. As a result of all her hard work, Danielle won Manager of the 1st Quarter 2013 and Manager of the Year in 2013 with the company. In 2015 she became a Senior Property Manager assisting the District Manager. In 2016 she received Manager of the Year from the major magazine publisher, Mini-Storage Messenger. A short while later, she was offered the role of Social Media Manager, which is now her current position within Sentry.

Danielle is very determined, excited, and loves her position and the company. Aside from the implementation of Social Media, she studies Social Media practices to help Sentry keep up with the constant changes. She currently handles all social media marketing for each Sentry managed location and the Sentry Self Storage Management company.

Danielle's Photo is Coming Soon