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Management Services
Sentry Self Storage Management has a full spectrum of Management Services to ensure your self storage facility is realizing it's fullest potential. Our management team focuses on several key aspects contributing to the success of a facility including but not limited to:

Property Management
  • Proven and effective policies and procedures for running a successful storage facility.

  • Effective hiring combined with the initial and on-going training of the storage sales managers.

  • A hands on approach by operations management through frequent on-site interaction with the staff and customers.

  • Effective networking through scheduled employee meetings.

  • Utilization of professional resources to monitor the employee effectiveness with live, telephone, and internet storage inquiries.

  • An on-going monitoring of the physical needs of a facility along with providing maintenance comparison bids with recommendations.

Revenue Management

  • Annual Customer Rate Adjustments

  • Standard rate adjustments based on market trends and demand

  • A continuous monitoring of competitor rates

  • Additional income generated through packing supply sales, unit locks, and U-Haul truck rentals


  • Review and recommendations for maximizing the effectiveness of yellow page advertising on an annual basis

  • An on-going successful advertising effort through internet search engines and targeted web site listings.

  • The development and continued utilization of an effective marketing plan

  • Monitoring market results using our storage accounting software

  • Established referral programs with targeted industries and businesses in each market area

Accounting and Facility Audit Services

  • Regular audits of all bank deposits and customer alterations made

  • Full facility audits performed on a "surprise" basis which cover all aspects of operating and maintaining a facility.

  • On-site processing of all vendor payables and bank statement balancing.

Management ServicesConsulting ServicesFeasability StudiesAbout UsCareer Opportunities
Consulting Services
Sentry Self Storage Management offers a full spectrum of Consulting Services to assist you Design, Develop, and Manage your self storage facility. Our services include but are not limited to:
  • Make regular monthly visits to the property / project site

  • Communicate with Owners, Builders, Professional Engineers, and Sub-Contractors

  • Meet with Owners, Architects, Structural, Civil, Landscape, & MEP Engineers

  • Assist and make recommendations as to design of facility and optimum unit mix

  • Review plans and value engineer

  • Make recommendations as they pertain to Self Storage systems

  • Make recommendations for vendors and sub-contractors

  • Participate in municipal town/county meetings as warranted

Opening Services
  • Coordinate Office set up for maximum efficiency and productivity

  • Order, Install, and Configure storage software programs

  • Order all materials and forms needed for operating a facility

  • Provide rental agreements for customers

  • Order all office furnishings

  • Implement all advertising campaigns for the facility

  • Effective hiring and training of facility staff

  • Coordinate the ordering of all facility phone, Fax, and DSL lines

Management ServicesConsulting ServicesFeasability StudiesAbout UsCareer Opportunities
Feasability Studies
Sentry Self Storage Management can assist you with virtually any aspect of the Self Storage industry. From conceptual design to our wide range of management services, Sentry Self Storage Management is there for you each step of the way.

Sentry Self Storage Management and Consulting Services were founded in 1997 to provide the self-storage industry with state-of-the-art, consumer friendly, secure and convenient locations throughout the Southeastern United States. We offer a full spectrum of services and a wealth of experience and knowledge to deliver maximum property results.

We have over a "century" of combined self storage experience and have worked with senior management from a nationally accredited storage company.

Sentry Self Storage Management offers a wide variety of services extending beyond the operations of a storage facility including Feasibility Studies. We can assist you in making informed decisions on whether a project is viable through extensive and thorough research, anywhere in the United States.

Sentry Self Storage managementís Feasibility Studies are detailed, extremely comprehensive and in-depth whether you are seeking to develop or acquire an existing self storage facility.

Click on the icon below to view the Sample Feasibility Study. The Sample report and data is for informational purposes only, and was created to give prospective clients a general idea of what is contained in an actual Feasibility Study report, without disclosing proprietary text, informational sources and statistical data to competing companies offering Feasibility Studies to their clients.

The report has been edited to show the client the basic format of a Feasibility Study; and large amounts of text has been edited and/or omitted and statistical data has been edited and/or omitted to reflect inaccurate information; to protect Sentry Self Storage Management.

A typical feasibility study on a development site or acquisition site can range in excess of 115 pages (depending on the number of actual competitors and the clientís desired scope of work). The Sample Report is 79 pages, complete with a sample report, table of contents, sample financial information, sample demographics, sample competition information and a fictitious development site.


Please be patient, the report may take several minutes to load, it also requires Adobe Reader to open.

An actual Feasibility Study is compiled in one spiral bound Report printed in color. The client is issued 3 original reports, signed by the author.

Please contact Sentry Self Storage Management for fees and pricing.

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